Frequently asked questions

What is a Matteport Space?

A Matterport Space is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D (RGB) imagery and 3D data from the Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera. A Matterport Space can be navigated on a desktop or mobile web browser, and in virtual reality through a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream.

Can you scan an outdoor space?

In a way, The Matterport Pro2 3D can capture exterior areas with 360° Views. 360° Views are spherical 2D panorama images that users can view in all different directions. 360° Views can be seen through 3D Showcase along with the rest of your 3D Space. However, a 360º View is not aligned like a normal scan. Because direct sunlight can interfere with a normal 3D Scan, we recommend using 360° Views for outdoor or sunny areas. With our experience, at times can capture outdoor spaces in a trditional scanning, but we can't guarantee it and the space would need to be of reasonable size like a porch for example. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss a specific situation.

How long does it take to scan a typical home?

On average, it takes about 38 minutes to scan a typical 2,000 square feet (186 meters squared) single-family home with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. Scan time can vary based on (1) the complexity of the property and (2) your intended use of the 3D space. Both of these factors influence how many scans you should take, which in turn means how long you spend on-site. For example, heavily occluded spaces like MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) rooms require more dense scanning to gather lots of 3D data. Wide open commercial real estate spaces like an empty factory take less scans, but have their own unique set of problems.

Can you create a video from the Matterport?

Yes! On top of being able to use the highlight reel within the Matterport tour, we can also create a stand alone video. This is an add on service, as we create a full video with branding, music and more.

Can I get floor plans from the Matterport tour?

Yes! Yes, you can order black-and-white Schematic Floor Plans for a small additional fee.

Are you a Matterport Certified Service Provider?

Yes! We are a Certifies Matterport Provider, one of the earliest adopters in both our New Englad and North Carolina offices. Our clients recognized the value early and we have maintained their loyalty for year by always providing the highest quality service!